The Chittenden Family 

Recent Additions & Christmas 2007

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Alex, Nicola, Hailey & Aaron

Christmas 2007


Christmas 2007


Christmas 2007

Geoff, Cyndy & Hailey

Christmas 2007

Ember & Andrew

Christmas 2007


Christmas 2007

Ember & The Bump (& Nicola)

Bendigo, Christmas 2007

Aaron's birthday

December 2007

Hailey & Aaron

December 2007

Andrew & Ember Junior

E.T.A. February 2008

The Bendigo Bump

Kim & Tracy

Springbok Snowman

Scott & Megan Chittenden

July 2007

Little Snow Peeps


Ho ho ho - more pudding!

Santa's elves

Mount Eliza bunfight

Bah humbug - and toffee's, and chocky, and...

Where's the Panadol...

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